Jobs with Horses

Jobs with Horses: Most horses in the UK are owned by individuals. Their owners and riders spend over 900 million pounds per year on them and there are a large number of employment possibilities across the equine sector. As well as the many horse jobs offered by stable yards and equine related companies, there are also many animal charities that specifically care for abandoned, unwanted and abused horses.

There are various different careers with horses, please get in touch with us for advice or explore the careers section of our site for more information.

For most equine jobs, it is important to have relevant training.

Equine Ethics and Care Course

Once you have chosen the right training path and completed your course, please sign up with our Job Board and apply for the latest jobs working with horses.

We assist equine related companies and animal charities to fill their equine vacancies and consequently, we know what sort of training employers are looking for. We have developed several equine training courses and these accredited courses are designed to enhance career and employment prospects in various aspects of horse care.

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Equine First Aid Course

2 Day Practical Stable Management Course

Horse Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma Course