Wildlife Jobs

Wildlife Jobs include: Conducting wildlife and ecological surveys, countryside ranger, monitoring wildlife habitats and populations, protection and rescue of animals from natural and man-made disasters, rehabilitation of sick or injured wildlife, ornithologist, game keeper, zoologist and more.

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Most wildlife vacancies require applicants to have undergone relevant training.

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Our expert team help wildlife companies and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation charities to fill their vacancies; this means that we have a very good understanding of the type of training sought by employers in the wildlife care sector. Our wildlife and conservation courses have been created with input from employers in order to improve career and employment opportunities working in the wildlife care and welfare sector.

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Elephant Care Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course

Wildlife employersSee our reviews! Please get in touch with us, we can help you promote and fill your wildlife jobs.

Wildlife First Aid & Rehabilitation Diploma Course with 1 Week Practical 

Zoo Animal Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course

Zoology Diploma course

Wildlife Care and Conservation Practical Course with 1 or 2 Week Practical