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Our animal charity courses can help you to prepare for a job working as a volunteer or as a paid staff member at an animal charity.

Most animal charity organisations are extremely busy places and they require staff who are passionate about animal welfare and have relevant training. We have developed several animal charity courses, designed to provide knowledge for people wanting to enter the animal charity sector, as well as for animal charity staff who are required to undertake CPD.


Animal Charity Courses

Animal Charity Courses Can Lead to Rewarding Job Opportunities

Charity-team-with-dogAnimal Charities are funded entirely through donations from the public and they have to be managed efficiently in order to provide the best possible value for money whilst ensuring high standards of animal care and welfare. Animal Charities require managers and supervisors to oversee the entire charity as well as the various sections of the operation.

Animal Charities employ many staff and there are many different types of jobs working for animal charities. Roles working for an animal charity can include hands-on kennel and cattery work, re-homing jobs, campaigning, office jobs as well as front line cruelty prevention and animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Ensuring high standards of welfare for animals cared for by animal shelters is of great importance. The Companion and Exotic Animal Housing course and the Companion Animal Environmental Enrichment & Stress Reduction course are both designed for anyone working or volunteering in animal shelters wanting to ensure high welfare standards, lower stress levels and therefore more successful and higher adoption rates.

We offer accredited Diploma and Certificate animal charity courses specifically designed to improve employment and career prospects. These courses are affordable and can be studied at the same time as working, volunteering or job hunting.

We offer course discounts for to all charity staff, please contact us to discuss your training requirements

In addition to all the above roles, Animal Charities also employ veterinary staff. We offer several veterinary courses, including the ABC Awards Animal Nursing Certificate.

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We offer a selection of accredited and employer recognised courses specifically designed for careers working with animals.

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