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The wildlife courses that we offer are designed to provide accredited training for a variety of careers working with wildlife. We have many students who have gone on to successful wildlife jobs.

Many of our wildlife courses are studied online and we also offer practical placements with some of our courses. This is an ideal way of gaining valuable hands-on experience with a variety of animals


Wildlife Courses

Wildlife Courses Lead to Great Jobs:

Level 3 Zookeeper Qualification

bath-college-animal-managementThere are many different jobs working with wildlife including; the protection and rescue of animals from natural and man-made disasters, rehabilitation of injured and sick animals, monitoring wildlife habits, conducting ecological and wildlife surveys, wildlife education, wildlife management, working in zoos and safari parks, wildlife conservation and more.

Many of these roles have direct involvement with the well-being of wild animals or the impact of land use on wildlife species. Most roles involve outdoor work but there are also some office roles and several roles involve the scientific study of animals.

We offer a 1 week practical as part of our Zoo Animal Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course and this enables students to apply their theory knowledge and work with a number of large animals in an award winning zoo. As a part of this course, students get hands-on experience with Giraffe, lions, zebra, elephants, white rhinoceros, camels, tigers, buffalo, yaks, gibbons, meerkats, ostrich, lemurs, tamarins, marmosets, crocodiles, snakes, iguanas, bearded dragons, chameleons, llamas, vultures, alpacas, emus, wallabies and more!

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Our wildlife courses are relevant for many jobs & careers with wildlife, including: Zoo Keeper, Wildlife Biologist, Ornithologist, Wildlife Conservation Officer, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Zoologist and more.

We offer a selection of accredited courses that have been created together with employers, to improve employment prospects working with wild animals. Our courses range from 2 module certificate courses, to 6 module Diploma courses.

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We offer several 6 module Accredited Diploma courses, specifically developed to help people gain relevant training for working in the wildlife and conservation sectors. More information about each Diploma course is shown below, please do contact us for free careers and training advice.

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We offer a selection of accredited and employer recognised courses specifically designed for careers working with animals.

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