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The reptile courses that we offer are designed to provide accredited training for a variety of careers working with wildlife. We have many students who have gone on to successful careers working with reptiles.

Many of our reptile courses are studied online and we also offer practical placements with some of our courses. This is an ideal way of gaining valuable hands-on experience with a variety of reptiles.

Reptile Care and Welfare Diploma Courses:

Herpetology Diploma Level 3

Herpetology Diploma Level 3

The Herpetology course was created for those wanting to learn more about Reptiles and Amphibians.

Course Price:  £699

Reptile Care, Welfare and Ethics Diploma

Reptile Care, Welfare and Ethics Diploma Level 3

This Reptile Care, Welfare and Ethics Diploma course contains the most up to date research about the keeping of reptiles.

Course Price:  £699

Reptile Care and Welfare Certificate Courses:

Companion & Exotic Animal Housing & Welfare Certificate

Animal Housing & Welfare Certificate

The Animal Housing & Welfare Certificate is perfect for those working in an environment where the animals are living in confinement.

Course Price:  £165

Reptile Care and Welfare Certificate

Reptile Care and Welfare Certificate

This Reptile Care and Welfare Certificate course should be of interest to anyone who has a passion for the care and welfare of captive reptiles.

Course Price:  £150

Our Herpetology and Reptile Care courses cover the study of amphibians and reptiles in their natural habitats, including their origins and biology and their care and welfare in captivity. Students will also learn about the ethical and welfare issues, including the exporting, trading and breeding of reptiles and how this has led has led to a huge surge in numbers resulting in overpopulation and many being abandoned and neglected. Students will gain a wealth of knowledge about these amazing creatures.

The accredited reptile courses that we offer will give students who own reptiles or who have a general interest in this fascinating species a better understanding of their origins and biology and of the care and welfare issues that affect reptiles kept in captivity. Careers working with reptiles are varied and include working in zoos, safari parks, education, veterinary, conservation and for animal charities dealing with the rescue, care and re-homing of many different types of reptiles.

The 2 module reptile certificate courses take an average of 2 months to complete. Students will gain a good understanding of how to improve the quality of life of reptiles in captivity by providing the right care including adequate housing and environmental enrichment to reduce boredom, stress and behavioural problems.


Reptiles are becoming one of the most common exotics kept in captivity as pets. Unfortunately an increasing number are being handed into rescue centres in a poor condition through lack of proper care.

Some jobs working with reptiles involve working in pet shops that sell reptiles. There is strong feeling from many animal rescue centres, who have to handle difficult situations with the ever increasing tide of unwanted animals, that whilst pet shops may be the best places to buy supplies such as equipment and pet food, they are unfortunately frequently responsible for people making impulsive decisions about getting a pet and increasingly reptiles are being sold by some pet shops as 'easy to care for' pets. A pet shop is not a good environment to keep, hold or sell animals and there are many sad stories of reptiles being bred purely for profit and sold to pet shops where they can be and frequently are, bought on impulse by anyone. Reptiles require specialised care and are prone to severe health problems if they are not cared for properly. Apart from the suffering endured, a sick animal can cause problems for the pet shop owner who has to deal with angry and upset customers as well as pay for the animal to be treated. 

Our Reptile Care, Welfare and Ethics Diploma course explores the legal and ethical issues surrounding the keeping of reptiles as pets and includes an overview of the international trade in reptiles.

Our Companion and Exotic Animal Housing and Welfare Certificate course includes information about animal accommodation and how the design of this, along with environmental enrichment, can assist with physical and mental health of confined reptiles.


Practical Reptile Courses:

We offer a 1 - 2 week practical as an optional add on to any of our Reptile courses

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