If you’re considering pursuing one of the many careers with animals, then it’s well worth knowing first about the varied benefits of working with animals. From equine sciences through to veterinary nurses, dog trainers to pet hydrotherapists, there is something for everyone when it comes to varied jobs with animals.

Making a difference

When you help an animal to get better after an accident or illness, change behaviours through training, prepare an animal for re-homing or provide a wellness service such as a walk or groom, you are performing a valuable service that really makes a difference. And although animals may not be able to talk, those who work with them have a special rapport and are aware of the appreciation that their animal patients feel for their efforts!


There is a huge range of jobs available when you work with pets and many of them are flexible, with opportunities to work for yourself, work part-time or even to work overseas. This means that you can enjoy a rich and rewarding career when you choose jobs with animals.

Professional training

Working with animals also engages your brain. The scope is tremendous, with everything from zoo courses through to dog first aid courses, animal hydrotherapy courses or animal nursing assistant courses on offer. This sets you up for a rewarding, fulfilling and varied career path.


Some areas of the sector are particularly high in demand. For example, the animal charity sector is greatly in need of skilled and qualified workers across a variety of roles. This means that you will be able to train for a career in which you have a high chance of gaining reliable work, something that isn’t always the case in a lot of other professions.

Sociable and varied

As well as working with animals directly, roles in this field allow you meet and engage with lots of different people too. Your days will also be varied and interesting – and most people in animal-related careers say that no two days are ever the same! 

In summary, there is a fantastic range of compelling reasons to become accredited in the animal care related field of your interest and to prepare yourself for an exciting, rewarding and meaningful career that will really make a difference.

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