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Want to volunteer with animals in Asia? Well here are a few examples of organisations that accept volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience working with animals at the same time as assisting animals in need. Needless to say, it is helpful to have studied a relevant subject as this will help you to provide a high standard of care to animals and wildlife whilst volunteering.

Our courses are studied by many people whilst they volunteer with animals.

Marine Research Station Practical Placement

Marine Research Station Practical Placement

This is a 4  week practical placement where volunteers work in a marine research station that involves the local village boatmen in conducting daily surveys to better understand the problem and empower them to protect their own islands. This placement includes a PADI Open Water Course. 

Placement Fees: £1,600 for 4 weeks

Deposit Fee: £400 

Rainforest Conservation Practical Placement UK

Rainforest Conservation Practical Placement

This is a 2 week practical placement where volunteers can get involved in the protection of forest wildlife and also support the development of the Batek tribe in Merapoh, Malaysia.

Experience and learn first hand about rainforests and at the same time get involve with assisting to preserve its animals, plants and people.

Placement Fees: £700 for 2 weeks

Deposit Fee: £175

Turtle Conservation Practical Placement UK

Turtle Conservation Practical Placement

This is a 2 week practical placement where volunteers can get involved in a meaningful turtle conservation project in a paradise beach location in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.

Snorkel these beautiful waters to take photos of turtles for research and conservation management. Assist with hatchling beach patrols and education for locals & tourists.

Placement Fees: £621 for 2 weeks

Deposit Fee: £155

Wildlife Conservation Practical Placement UK

Wildlife Conservation Practical Placement

This is a 2 week practical placement with the Wildlife and Orangutan volunteer project in Java, Indonesia.

This practical placement involves helping orphaned and injured animals back to health and then re-released to the wild – this is one of the most satisfying things you can do.

Placement Fees: £1,060 for 2 weeks

Deposit Fee: £265

Primate Trust India provides long term care to orphaned, abused and injured primates. This work is essential due to the loss of natural habitat, human conflict causing an increasing number of injured and orphaned monkeys. Other monkeys are rescued from being illegally kept as pets often in appalling conditions.

Noistar Thai Animal Rescue Foundation The Foundation takes it's name from two dogs - Noi & Star rescued from the island of Koh Tao, Thailand. On this island there is no RSPCA, no PDSA, no animal's shelters, no sanctuaries, no medical care of any kind for the animal population. Ravaged by mange, hungry and often abused, many of them don't survive. With your help we can change this. Volunteers required.

Animal Asia Foundation (AAF) is devoted to the needs of wild, domesticated and endangered species throughout the Asian continent. The AAF works to better the lives of all animals in Asia as well as to end cruelty & restore respect for animals in Asia.

The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) India is a Mumbai-based organisation working to eradicate rabies and control the street dog population in a humane, scientific way. Since 1989 they have been carrying out a mass sterilisation programme for stray dogs, volunteers are crucial to their worthwhile work.

Care for Dogs, Thailand works to decrease the numbers of temple and street dogs. They achieve this through neutering programmes and education as well as by rescuing and offering medical assistance to street dogs in need. Assistance required by volunteers.

The Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society, Japan works to rescue, care for, neuter and re-home animals. Voluntary help required.

The Tree of Life for Animals, India has several aims: to create a rabies free environment, to create an environment where stray animals can be free of suffering, to assist rural people with veterinary help and to provide a mobile veterinary unit for use in remote areas. They are on the lookout for volunteers and veterinary partners. 

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