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When you study a wildlife, zoology or conservation course with Animal Jobs Direct, you will be approved for ZSL Fellowship. Fellows get unlimited access for them and a family guest to ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos plus borrowing rights in the extensive ZSL library of rare zoological texts. Enrol on your course and apply directly to ZSL for Fellowship.  

Wildlife Courses, Zoology and Conservation Diploma Courses 
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We are the largest organisation in the UK offering Ofqual regulated qualifications that meet rigorous government regulated standards. 

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The wildlife courses that we offer are designed to provide accredited training for a variety of careers working with wildlife. We have many students who have gone on to successful wildlife jobs.

Many of our wildlife courses are studied online and we also offer practical placements with some of our courses. This is an ideal way of gaining valuable hands-on experience with a variety of animals.

Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 603/4158/0

Level 3 Diploma in Zookeeping


Level 3 Diploma in Zookeeping

The Level 3 Diploma in Zookeeping is an ideal qualification for anyone who wants to pursue a career  working in zoos as a zookeeper, or in a voluntary capacity working with wildlife in zoos, safari parks, wildlife collections etc.

This qualification includes 1 week Practical training at Blackpool Zoo.

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Course Fees:  £2300

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Zoology Diploma Level 3

This Zoology course explores what life is and how it has been able to diversify into such numbers.

Course Fees:  £699


Wild Animal Behaviour Diploma
Level 3

This Level 3 Animal Behaviour Course explores a wide variety of the behaviour exhibited by animals in the wild and to a certain extent in the domestic environment.

Course Fees:  £499

Animal Behaviour Diploma Level 4

This Level 4  Advanced Animal Behaviour Course consists of 12 units exploring the evolution and physiology of behaviour and behavioural analysis.

Course Fees:  £499


Wolf Studies Diploma Level 3

The Wolf Care, Behaviour and Welfare Course is relevant for volunteers and those employed to work with wolves and in the field of wolf conservation and rehabilitation.

Course Fees:  £499


African Wildlife and Conservation Studies Diploma Level 3

This African Wildlife and Conservation Course explores the major ecological crises affecting African wildlife and offers a good starting point for people looking to work in wildlife management or conservation.

Course Fees:  £499


Big Cat Studies Diploma Level 3

The Big Cat course is for those working or volunteering with Big Cats. This course includes an optional 1 week Training placement.

Course Fees:  £699


Primatology Diploma Level 3

The Primatology course is for anyone wanting to work or volunteer with primates or in primate conservation.

Course Fees:  £699


Elephant Studies Diploma Level 3

The comprehensive Elephant Care Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course also examines the context and the role of conservation initiatives within wild and captive environments.

Course Fees:  £499


Wildlife Rehabilitation Studies Diploma Level 3 with 1 or 2 Week Practical

The Wildlife Rescue Course is suitable training for working in a hands-on rescue, care and rehabilitation role with wildlife.

Course Fees:  £699


Ecology Diploma Level 3

This Ecology Diploma Course is for those interested in the many careers associated with Ecology and Conservation.

Course Fees:  £399


Responsible Tourism Diploma
Level 3

The Responsible Tourism Diploma  is designed to be a career accelerator for those who wish to work in tourism / voluntourism sector.

Course Fees:  £499


Ornithology Diploma Level 3

The Ornithology Course explores the scientific principles, behaviour and physiology behind many avian attributes.

Course Fees:  £499

Zoo Animal Nutrition Diploma
Level 3

The Zoo Animal Nutrition Course is relevant for anyone working or volunteering with Zoo or Safari Park Animals.

Course Fees:  £399

Wildlife Certificate Courses:

The two module certificate courses take about 2-3 months to complete. All of our Wildlife Certificate courses are set at Level 3; this is equivalent to A levels. 


Evolutionary Biology Course
Level 3

This 4 module course explores the principles of evolutionary biology. Learn about the history and development of Darwinism, the emergence of life, the evolution of vertebrate life and early plant evolution.

Course Fees:  £165


Birds of Prey Studies Certificate
Level 3

This comprehensive course is for those interested in working or volunteering with Birds of Prey.

Course Fees:  £165


African Wildlife & Conservation Management Certificate Level 3

The Wildlife Management course will be of interest to those who work in wildlife conservation & management.

Course Fees:  £165


Big Cats of Africa Certificate Level 3

This two module big cats course has been created for anyone working or wanting to work or volunteer with Big Cats.  

Course Fees:  £165


African Herbivores Certificate
Level 3

The African Herbivores course is designed to give students an understanding of the basic ecology and biology of common herbivores in Africa.

Course Fees:  £165


African Wildlife Ecology Certificate Level 3

This African Wildlife Ecology Course is of relevance to anyone working in wildlife ecology and to those wanting to work or volunteer in Africa in this field.

Course Fees:  £165


African Primate Certificate Level 3

This African Primate course has been created for anyone interested in working or volunteering with these primates.

Course Fees:  £165

Course Fees:  £165


Study of African Predators Certificate Level 3

The African Predators course explores the biology and ecology of the predators found in Africa.

Course Fees:  £165

Course Fees:  £165

Bird Watching Course

The Bird Watching course has been designed for anyone interested in learning more about garden birds.

Course Fees:  £165

QEL 839

Wildlife Care and Conservation Certificate Level 3

This unique certificate course has been designed for those wanting to work in a voluntary or paid capacity caring for wildlife living in captivity in rehabilitation environments, zoos, safari parks etc.

Course Fees:  £299

Wildlife Practical Placements: 

These practical placements provide a great opportunity to get hands-on experience working with wildlife; a great add-on to any of our wildlife / conservation / animal care courses! Practical experience is valued by employers and will improve your employment prospects.

Turtle Conservation Practical Placement in Malaysia

This is a 2 week practical placement where volunteers can get involved in a meaningful turtle conservation project in a paradise beach location in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.

Snorkel these beautiful waters to take photos of turtles for research and conservation management. Assist with hatchling beach patrols and education for locals & tourists.

Any Marine  Animal Rescue, Conservation, Zoology, Biology or Ichthyology Diploma course is included with this practical placement.

Placement & Course Fees: £1,000 for 2 weeks

Deposit Fee: £309

Wildlife Conservation Practical Placement UK

Wildlife Conservation Practical Placement

This is a 2 week practical placement with the Wildlife and Orangutan volunteer project in Java, Indonesia.

This practical placement involves helping orphaned and injured animals back to health and then re-released to the wild – this is one of the most satisfying things you can do.

The accredited Level 3 Wildlife Care and Conservation course is included with this practical placement

Placement & Course Fees: £1,350 for 2 weeks

Deposit Fee: £292

Rainforest Conservation Practical Placement

This is a 2 week practical placement where volunteers can get involved in the protection of forest wildlife and also support the development of the Batek tribe in Merapoh, Malaysia.

Experience and learn first hand about rainforests and at the same time get involve with assisting to preserve its animals, plants and people.

The accredited Level 3 Wildlife Care and Conservation course is included with this practical placement

Placement & Course Fees: £950 for 2 weeks

Deposit Fee: £220

Wildlife Courses Lead to Great Jobs:

There are many different jobs working with wildlife including; the protection and rescue of animals from natural and man-made disasters, rehabilitation of injured and sick animals, monitoring wildlife habits, conducting ecological and wildlife surveys, wildlife education, wildlife management, working in zoos and safari parks, wildlife conservation and more.

Many of these roles have direct involvement with the well-being of wild animals or the impact of land use on wildlife species. Most roles involve outdoor work but there are also some office roles and several roles involve the scientific study of animals.


Level 3 Zookeeper Qualification

We offer a 1 week practical as part of our Zoo Animal Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course and this enables students to apply their theory knowledge and work with a number of large animals in an award winning zoo. As a part of this course, students get hands-on experience with Giraffe, lions, zebra, elephants, white rhinoceros, camels, tigers, buffalo, yaks, gibbons, meerkats, ostrich, lemurs, tamarins, marmosets, crocodiles, snakes, iguanas, bearded dragons, chameleons, llamas, vultures, alpacas, emus, wallabies and more!

Not sure which wildlife course is the right one for your requirements?

For free advice on courses or to discuss a career path studying Wildlife Courses, working with Wildlife or Conservation jobs please contact us. We can also arrange a chat with our experienced wildlife course tutor and careers adviser.

Our wildlife courses are relevant for many jobs & careers with wildlife, including: Zoo Keeper, Wildlife Biologist, Ornithologist, Wildlife Conservation Officer, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Zoologist and more.

We offer a selection of accredited courses that have been created together with employers, to improve employment prospects working with wild animals. Our courses range from 2 module certificate courses, to 6 module Diploma courses.

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We offer several 6 module Accredited Diploma courses, specifically developed to help people gain relevant training for working in the wildlife and conservation sectors. More information about each Diploma course is shown below, please do contact us for free careers and training advice.

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