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Are you looking for Wildlife Jobs? Most wildlife vacancies require applicants to have undergone relevant training. We offer a variety of accredited wildlife courses designed for a great many different jobs working with wildlife. 

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Wildlife Jobs include: Conducting wildlife and ecological surveys, countryside ranger, monitoring wildlife habitats and populations, protection and rescue of animals from natural and man-made disasters, rehabilitation of sick or injured wildlife, ornithologist, game keeper, zookeeper, zoologist and more.

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Our expert team help wildlife companies and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation charities to fill their vacancies; this means that we have a very good understanding of the type of training sought by employers in the wildlife care sector. Our wildlife and conservation courses have been created with input from employers in order to improve career and employment opportunities working in the wildlife care and welfare sector.

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Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 603/4158/0

Level 3 Diploma in Zookeeping


Level 3 Diploma in Zookeeping

The Level 3 Diploma in Zookeeping is an ideal qualification for anyone who wants to pursue a career  working in zoos as a zookeeper, or in a voluntary capacity working with wildlife in zoos, safari parks, wildlife collections etc.

This qualification includes 1 week Practical training at Blackpool Zoo.

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Course Fees:  £2300

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£200 x 12 monthly instalments

Most wildlife jobs involve working hands-on with wildlife. This can be in Game Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoos and for Wildlife Rehabilitation charities. Typically, Ranger or Zoo-keeper roles involve ensuring high standards of welfare for the animals including adequate environmental enrichment, monitoring visitor interactions, correct nutritional requirements, creating high standards of accommodation/environment, ensuring safety from other predators and possibly poachers in some game reserves. Many people working with Wildlife also play a role in conservation and education. There are wildlife charities in the UK and around the world that work tirelessly to conserve and improve conditions for wildlife. Some of these charities also deal with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife that have been rescued in man-made or natural disasters. They also assist with the rescue and care/rehabilitation/release of wild animals that have been kept in zoos with poor welfare standards or used for entertainment in circuses, aquariums, etc with little consideration to the animal. There are jobs with these animal charities dealing with assisting wildlife in distress and there are several relevant training courses that provide knowledge on this subject as well as an Accredited Diploma.