Safe Around Dogs Course

Keeping Safe around Dogs Certificate Course

Keeping Safe around Dogs Certificate Course

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(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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Keeping Safe Around Dogs Course Certificate
Level 2

The Junior Keeping safe around dogs Course has been designed for younger learners, aged 7 - 11 years.

The course has two assessments for children to complete in order to earn a certificate.  It also comes with a parent guide.

This course is ideal if your children are aged 7 to 11 years old and you want them to learn how to behave around dogs.

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 20 hours CPD

Module 1

The first module of this course explores how dogs communicate with their bodies, their facial expressions and their movements.

Module 2

The second module looks at how to avoid a dog bite, when it is safe to approach a dog and what to do in a number of situations to avoid getting bitten. Children and dogs should be supervised at all times.

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Free with this course 2 ebooks - over 600 pages of exclusive content - Volunteering with Animals and Working with Animals, compiled and written by the Animal Jobs Direct team of animal care professionals.


(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

The internet is full of photographs of children behaving inappropriately with dogs and the media is full of stories of dogs biting children.

ANY dog has the potential to bite in the wrong set of circumstances.  If we allow children to treat dogs as playthings we should not be surprised when they finally snap.

Dogs, just like us, may have good days and bad days.  Some days they may feel unwell or stressed by something in the environment. Dogs tell us using their bodies, facial expressions and movements how they are feeling.  We should not be surprised if a dog finally snaps - we have probably missed all of his signalling.

This course will help children to recognise what dogs are telling them and teach them to be respectful to dogs.

Bites are usually caused by an accumulation of stress. Each time a dog is exposed to something that makes him feel stressed, stress hormones accumulate in the brain.

Every dog will have a threshold - how much stress he can take before he reacts. During this time they try to communicate how they are feeling by licking their lips, moving away, stress yawns and so on.  If we can recognise these signs and teach children to recognise these signs and be respectful to dogs there will be fewer dog bites. 

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