Animal Care Course Level 1

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Animal Care
Level 1

  • The Animal Care Course Level 1 is a Pre GCSE course designed to provide an understanding of what different companion animals need.
  • Learn about how to handle companion animals and about the importance of exercise and adequate nutrition. 

Module 1

Handling Animals 

Module 1 of the animal care course level 1 is all about handling animals. Learn how to correctly handle dogs, cats, rabbits and small animals. Having this knowledge is essential to reduce stress for animals in your care as well as minimise bite or scratch risks for the carer. 

Module 2

Cleaning for Animals

Having clean animal accommodation is essential in preventing disease outbreaks and illness spread. The job of keeping animal care environments clean is also essential for care
and welfare reasons. This module includes information about effective cleaning materials and products as well as how to clean thoroughly and effectively. 

Module 3

Feeding & watering animals

Learn about the correct storage of animal foods in order to avoid spoilage and waste. Learn about feeding routines for a variety of companion animals.

Module 4

Providing Exercise

Exercise is an essential component of reducing stress for animals. This module explores how to ensure adequate opportunities for various companion animals. 

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Being ‘cared for properly’ means cared for in the correct way for the type of animal. All animals need to have the same things in life: they need to breathe, move, eat, drink, be kept at the correct temperature for them, safe and clean, invertebrates included. As human beings we have a responsibility to all the beings on this planet and especially those in our personal care. So, looking after animals is a very responsible job and this course has an aim of giving you skills and biological knowledge to do this job successfully. This course is another step to being able to care for animals properly. This course is set at Level 1 and is designed to provide basic information about animal care including animal handling, cleaning, feeding and providing exercise for companion animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and small animals.

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