Some of us love our feline friends more than other animals and people. Cats are clever, agile and cute, and for many people, a cat is the best companion.

If you absolutely love cats and you find them to be truly fascinating, then why not consider a career where you could work with them? You could turn your obsession into a job! If you are crazy about cats then here are some careers to consider

1. Cat sitter

Cat sitting is very similar to babysitting but just for cats! While cats are independent and are fine being left alone for a while, they still require constant care if their owners aren’t going to be available for a certain period of time for whatever reason (i.e. they might be away on holiday or on business) so if you like to look after cats then search for cat sitting jobs in your local area.

2. Cat blogger/writer/author

If you have a high level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to cats and you have a natural flair for writing, then combining the two and becoming a cat writer might be the path that you’re destined for. Writing is a great skill to possess and becoming a cat blogger is a passion that you could turn into a big business.

3. Cat cafe owner

Cat cafes are quirky and trendy, and they are popping up in many locations. They are perfect settings for those who want to chill out, relax, drink a hot beverage and play with cats! While running an animal business is challenging and it requires a lot of care and attention, running a cat cafe would be a lot of fun and it would be a great way to attract customers.

4. Cat-groomer

Taking care of animals is not just about the feeding (to find out more please see our Animal nursing assistant course), general maintenance and trips to the vet. Taking care of animals is about making sure that they appear at their best. Over the past several years, dog grooming has become increasingly popular among dog owners who want to pamper their pooch. Now, cat owners are getting in on the action, so if you want to join the increasing demand and you like to pamper, then becoming a cat groomer could be for you.

If you are interested in a career working with cats, then take a look at our feline courses which have been highly rated.