Puppy Training Course

Puppy Training Certificate Course
Puppy Training Course

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Puppy Training Certificate Course

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Puppy Training Course


Course Price:  £165

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Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 20 hours CPD

Puppy Training CertificateLevel 3

This puppy training course is relevant to the individual who wants to ensure a positive start for their new puppy on the route to good behaviour.

Module 1

Health & Welfare and understanding the needs of the young dog.

Life with a new puppy: Learn about canine senses and how the dog uses them. Understand the puppies’ view of the world, the developmental stages of the dog, how to meet the puppies needs and the importance of using sensitive/intelligent house training for a puppy.

Module 2


Learn when and how to socialise a young puppy with humans, other dogs and other animals. Understand how a puppy learns to deal with new situations, objects and events.

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 20 hours CPD

Puppy Training Certificate Course
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(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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Training a puppy is a very involved process, and much more than just getting the dog to respond to cues. Although important for the dog to respond to instruction, not just because it is inconvenient if your dog does not come when called but also for the safety of your dog and others. Of equal importance is that the puppy learns how to behave within the family unit and how to interact with other dogs, animals and people, both inside the privacy of the home and public environment. Learning these aspects of behaviour is often ignored by most dog owners, and the dog is expected to either instinctively know it or to pick it up along the way. Surprisingly some dogs are able to do just that, however the process can be made much easier for the dog if their owner is aware of the dogs needs. The most important element of training a puppy is to instil good behaviours and habits into the puppy before bad habits form. A puppies mind is a blank canvas, primary learning patterns are taught to the puppy and they will hopefully be built on in later life. Socialisation is a special learning process during which an individual learns to accept close proximity to various species or to conspecifics of its own group. It is usually restricted to a specific (limited) time. Socialisation is therefore the process whereby appropriate social behaviour is learned and it generally refers to primary socialisation, with members of the same species as well as with other species. It is the process by which puppies learn how to relate to people and other animals. It means meeting and having pleasant encounters with as many other adults, children, dogs (puppies and adults) and other animals as possible. It also involves becoming used to a wide range of events, environments, objects and situations. Puppies that are not socialised may grow up to be fearful and fearful dogs may bite. Dogs that are not used to different environments and situations spend their lives being frightened when taken to unfamiliar places. Well-socialised puppies grow up to be friendly and happy in the company of people and other animals. Dogs taken out regularly as puppies can take different situations in their stride and enjoy going anywhere with their owners. 

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