How to Get a Job Working with Animals - Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our article to help you land the job of your dreams.

Take on as Many Volunteering Opportunities as You Can 

Being able to show that you have a great passion for animals and working in the sector is an excellent start to your career. 

If you are just starting out, getting hands-on in a local animal charity or shelter can really give you a head start. You will get to know more about the day-to-day tasks you might need to carry out and the challenges faced by those working in the sector. 

When you see the work for yourself and get the opportunity to chat to those working in the industry, you may get a better idea of the type of role you would like to train for, or the next volunteering opportunity you might want to take on. 

Don't Give Up 

Although careers in the animal care sector are competitive, just like in any other endeavour worth pursuing, it pays to persevere. 

Even the Chief Executive of Twycross Zoo was made to feel like she would never get the job of her dreams. She said: 

"Always push forward in going for the life and career you want. Just know it might not be easy, and you need determination."

There are of course emerging careers and less competitive markets that involve working with animals, and with the right skills and training you could end up in a career you may not have considered, which leads us to our next tip. 

Consider Emerging Markets Like Pet Wearables 

Technology has brought us more opportunities than ever before, and in recent years pet wearables have been on the rise. 

The pet-tech market is estimated to be worth a phenomenal $2.3bn by 2022. 

However, in order to safely design, test, market and develop pet wearables, animal care experts are essential. 

Here are just a few areas where pet wearables are creating careers. 

Specialist Training for Service Dogs

Wearables for pets are now used in training for service dogs, to help keep them under control and to understand their jobs and tasks more quickly. The success of these pet-tech devices depends on those involved in their development and in the training of the dogs to have a full understanding of animals, animal care and technology. 

'Fitbits for Dogs'

Tracking our pet's whereabouts, movement, fitness and health has never been easier with pet trackers designed specifically for dogs. This pet-tech development also provides career opportunities for those interested in animals, technology and data. From using big data to create reports on how your canine volunteers perform to interpreting doggy data to get a dog's weight under control, this could be an exciting career path with plenty of opportunities. 

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