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All our Hydrotherapy Courses are approved by the

Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA)

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We offer Ofqual regulated animal hydrotherapy qualifications that meet rigorous government regulated standards. Our courses enable you to fit your studies around your other commitments - study the theory online from home choose from 4 venues around the UK for the practical aspect. 

Our animal hydrotherapy qualifications are approved by Ofqual and the Canine Hydrotherapy Association.

We have many students who have gone on to successful animal hydrotherapy careers, please take a look at our reviews.

Small Animal Hydrotherapy Diploma Level 3

The Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals is an Ofqual regulated qualification for working as an Animal Hydrotherapist. 

This animal hydrotherapy qualification enables students to develop the required knowledge for working as an animal hydrotherapist - providing small animal hydrotherapy for a variety of small animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals that the hydrotherapist may come across in day to day practice.

Theory and Practical training. 4 Month Fast Track, 1 Year and 2 Year study options.

Practical venues: Students can select from: Oxfordshire, Aberdeen, Newcastle or Chepstow - or for USA students we offer the practical training in Houston, Texas.

Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy

Ofqual Qualification Code: 603/4410/6

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Small Animal Hydrotherapy Diploma Level 4

The Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy Level 4 is an Ofqual regulated qualification. 

After successful completion of this qualification, those wishing to make an application to either Canine Therapy, Animal Therapy or Integrated Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Writtle University College will be able to use this certificate to demonstrate part of the pre-entry requirements for the necessary canine experience.  

Small Animal Hydrotherapy Diploma Level 4

Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 603/4658/9

Initial Aquatic Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals Award Level 3

This Level 3 Award consists of practical training where the learner will learn how to conduct a hydrotherapy treadmill therapy session involving pre-treatment, during treatment and post treatment treadmill procedures.

Course Fees:  £420

Level 3 Award in Aquatic Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals

Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 603/4558/5

Advanced Aquatic Treadmill for Small Animals Award Level 3

Advanced Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals Level 3 is a regulated qualification consisting of practical 1:1 training and theory training. Learn how to conduct an advanced hydrotherapy treadmill therapy session involving appropriate use of equipment to improve the hydrotherapy programme for the patient.

Advanced Aquatic Treadmill for Small Animals Award Level 3

Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 603/4563/9

Course Fees:  £620

Canine First Aid Certificate

This Canine First Aid course is presented as an online webinar and is of relevance to anyone working with dogs in an animal hydrotherapy, animal physiotherapy, veterinary, animal charity or private business capacity as well as for pet owners wishing to increase their knowledge and skills. 

Course Fees: £19.95

Are you interested in a career working as an Animal Hydrotherapist?

Animal Hydrotherapists use hydrotherapy techniques to help animals with rehabilitation needs to recover from injury or as part of pain management or even as a type of exercise for animals with mobility issues. To work as a registered animal hydrotherapist, you must gain a regulated qualification.

This Ofqual regulated animal hydrotherapy qualification consists of  combination of theory and practical training -  fit your studies around your other commitments!

The theory aspect is studied online and the practical training is undertaken at a choice of venues - students can select from: Oxfordshire, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Chepstow - or for USA students we offer the practical training in Houston, Texas.

Level 3 Diploma course in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals  

Approved by the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA)

"We are really impressed with the additions and style of qualification and are pleased to let you know that we will accept this new qualification as a part of the membership criteria for joining the CHA".  

If you have successfully completed the Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy, we are delighted to now offer the Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy Level 4.

Both of these qualifications are approved by the Ministry of Defence Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC)

The animal hydrotherapy for small animals courses offered by Animal Jobs Direct are Ofqual regulated qualifications designed for learners preparing for a career working in animal hydrotherapy as a Small Animal Hydrotherapist or in a Veterinary career utilising hydrotherapy as a treatment.

We offer the Level 3 Small Animal Hydrotherapy Diploma course  as blended learning, with theory studied online and intensive practical training included towards the end of your theory studies. This is a great way to put your theory knowledge into practice and ideal for anyone working full time or needing to fit their studies around their other commitments.

Students can progress onto the Level 4 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy and then to Levels 5 and 6 Veterinary Physiotherapy (coming soon).

Students can seek employment as an Animal Hydrotherapist (register with our Job Board for the latest vacancies, or contact Animal Hydrotherapy centres near where you live with your CV). Or alternatively, set up your own Animal Hydrotherapy business!

We offer a variety of different practical animal courses and care courses to suit everyone. Some of our courses are studied entirely online, others have practical training included with several theory modules, and several courses are purely practical hands-on courses. 

As well as the many accredited courses that we run, we are also delighted to be able to offer bespoke canine training courses.

We offer low cost, bespoke quality training solutions to various companies, charities and local authorities

 Please get in touch if you would like more information or to arrange bespoke training.

We are committed to helping students find the right animal hydrotherapy courses for your requirements, please get in touch if you have any questions, our team are always happy to help.

Please contact us for information about any of our courses. 

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