Animal Jobs and Careers Are Waiting for You

Animal Jobs

What do you love doing? Identify what makes you happy and what gives you immense joy and you will find the things that you should do for a living.

Variety of Animal Jobs

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If animals come to mind when you ask yourself that question, then you are a prime candidate for a career working with animals! You may have specific animals in mind, or you may simply enjoy animals in general. There are many jobs with animals to consider, but you have to keep the following factors in mind when determining which ones are best for you:

  •     Current education level
  •     Opportunities for future education
  •     Time limitations
  •     Personality
  •     Location

Notice that your current educational achievements are not limiting for you. There are many opportunities to advance your education if you don’t have the credentials needed to start working with animals in your chosen field.

If you already have an advanced degree, then you may only need a little experience to land an entry-level position in your chosen field. Luckily, it is easy to find volunteer positions that will give you experience leading up to many common animal jobs. You may also find animal-related part-time jobs at local zoos, nature preserves or animal shelters.

Combine Your Interests

What are some other things that get you excited and make you happy? If you enjoy reading about scientific studies, you may combine your interest in science with your interest in animals. If you are a fitness enthusiast and enjoy running with your dog, then you may find animal jobs in the dog walking and pet care field.

Many fields offer jobs that involve animals in some capacity. Write down everything that grabs your interest and think creatively about career paths that combine those interests. This website will help you come up with more ideas and then explore the training options for securing employment in the fields that interest you most.  We will even help provide courses to help you train up for your exciting new animal job.

Ready to Get Started?

There is great competition for candidates applying for jobs, having a relevant training will greatly enhance your job prospects. We have training options ranging from accredited certificates to diplomas and degree courses and we are proud to offer high standards of affordable and relevant animal care and welfare training.

Still Not Sure?

If you are unsure about which direction to take, explore our animal care careers with animals sections or contact us for careers or course advice. Our careers and course advisers who have years of hands on experience working with animals, are always happy to assist.